Evicted and Injured, This Pup Surprised Everyone with Her Recovery

Meet Preciosa!

Preciosa’s story has moved hearts and brought tears to many eyes. She was cruelly banished from her home, subjected to harsh beatings, and left to fend for herself on the unforgiving streets. Even after two heartbreaking days, she was found lingering near her former home, her demeanor filled with desolation.

Preciosa roamed the streets of her small town in search of food and shelter. Tragically, she was once again the target of violence, resulting in a broken thigh. This poor girl was reduced to dragging herself through the alleys she once explored freely.

Eventually, her strength waned, and she found herself clinging to a fence, overcome by exhaustion. At this point, Preciosa was taken to the vet, surrounded by prayers for her recovery.

Two days later, Preciosa underwent surgery. This operation marked the beginning of her journey towards mobility and independence.

Seven days post-surgery, Preciosa’s condition started to show promising improvement as she began to walk again. By day 15, she was able to amble around a bit, following the doctor’s instructions closely.

Several days later, her wounds had visibly healed, and she underwent a meticulous examination to assess the state of her injuries. After a full month since her rescue, Preciosa had completely recovered. This sweet girl’s friendly demeanor remained intact, showcasing her resilience and spirit despite her tragic past.

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