Exuberant Canine Pushes Kid Out Of The Way To Welcome Daddy Home

There’s nothing like a good homecoming, and this one is no exception.

The father in this video has likely spent several months away from his family. When he returns in uniform, his young boy is eager to welcome daddy home.

But the family dog has other plans.

Source: Reddit/u/trillospin
Dad arrives home.

Source: Reddit/u/trillospin
Someone is happy to see their friend again!

Not to be outdone, the jazzed up canine gives his human a big hug and dances around in excitement.

Source: Reddit/u/trillospin
This dog steals the show!

This video was posted to Reddit by u/trillospin, and inspired a poem from u/SchnoodleDoodleDo.

…i know that scent… it’s Him, i’m SURE…

Oh GOSH!! i s l i d e across the floor!!

It’s DAD! He’s BACK, my favorite guy!!

in to his arms I jump up High!

the babe runs in, excited, too

but Please Dad I want ALL OF YOU!!

a little hug…ok, he’s fine

Now back to ME!!

cuz You’re


Source: Reddit/u/trillospin
The dog is more excited than the man’s son.

Other Redditors had more to say.

“Come here boy! Jump up! I’ve got you!” commented u/FIimbosQuest. “Oh yeah, hi son. Come here boy! I’ve missed you!”

“Love that ‘giant wall of fur and happy,’ that is a big dog. And I bet that little kid loves the dog almost as much as his parents, so I’m guessing this won’t be too sad-making for him. After all he has his dad back!” wrote u/mittens11111.

Source: Reddit/u/trillospin
The boy gets a quick hug from dad.

“To be fair the dog is way more excited about his best friend being back home than his son,” commented u/zuzg. “Imagine humans getting excited like dogs to see each other again.”

“Mike you’re back, I missed you so much!”

“I was only in the kitchen for 5 minutes? But yeah same, dunno why but same!”

Source: Reddit/u/trillospin
Not to be outdone, doggy goes in for more.

“That dog is easily around 100 pounds and is uncontrollably excited,” commented u/jsbisviewtiful. “The dude is probably a good father and not trying to get his kid curb stomped by the fluff tornado.”

“Upvoted for ‘fluff tornado,’” remarked u/Hardheaded_Hunter. “Coincidentally, that was my GSD’s nickname.”

See this memorable homecoming in the video below.

Literally stopped in its tracks from aww

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