Families Adopt Puppies Before Meeting Them, Tears Start Flowing Once They Enter The Room

A litter of eleven puppies was in desperate need of loving and forever homes. The Michigan Humane Society had a brilliant and heartwarming idea of how to make that happen.

In 2017, Detroit experienced a wave of severe downpours causing a series of flash floods in the area. Sadly, a stray mama dog named Raina and her newborn litter of eleven puppies were caught up in the devastation.

A resident in the area faintly heard sounds of crying and whimpering coming from a property nearby and had a feeling that whatever animals were making that noise must be in desperate need of help. He decided to call the Michigan Humane Society for assistance.
When the Michigan Humane Society arrived, they found Raina trying her best to protect her newborn pups by hiding them in a hole.

Raina frantically dug the hole while trying to keep her babies out of harm’s way from the abundance of rainwater washing over them. When MHS arrived, the pups were hiding deep down in their makeshift sanctuary.

The rescuers spent hours trying to lure Raina and her puppies out of the hole and were eventually able to bring them all to safety. The loving mother dog was hesitant to trust them at first, but soon, they were all recovered.

Raina and her pups were brought to the shelter, received medical care and vaccinations, and then – it was time to find them homes.

The Michigan Humane Society decided to try something new when it came to the adoption process. After receiving applications from potential adopters, they narrowed it down to the perfect matches for Raina and her babies.

After MHS found families that were able to commit to adopting a dog, they invited all of them to come into the shelter. Each family was ecstatic to bring home their new fur baby, but here’s the thing – none of them knew which puppy they’d be bringing home!

The shelter gave each family a number that indicated the order in which they would pick out their new furry family member.

Soon, Raina and all of her puppies entered the room with the future adopters and all of the families are immediately overwhelmed with cuteness and love. Some people chose puppies based on cuteness, others chose them based on energy level. No matter their reasons – everyone in the room was flooded with emotion.

Every single family found their perfect match and each dog was scooped up into loving arms – including Raina. Watch the emotional and heartwarming video below.

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