Family Adopts Senior Dog, But An Hour Later Return Him Saying He’s ‘Too Upset’

An hour isn’t enough time for a newly adopted dog to become accustomed to a new home. Most reasonable people know that. But a senior dog in Gardena, California was only given an hour at his new home before he was returned to the shelter.

Wally, a nine-year-old pit bull mix is staying at the Carson Animal Services facility again waiting for someone to give him a forever home. He just needs a chance to fit in. The people who returned him said that Wally seemed too upset after leaving the shelter. He needs help from a reputable rescue or a loving home.

Take a look at this darling

If you are in the LA County area and would like to foster Wally, send your information to Carson Fosters. If you are not in the area but would still like to adopt a dog (or a cat) find a shelter in your area. The perfect pet could be waiting for you! Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]

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