Family Dog Had Been Missing For A Week When They Heard Barking Under The Ground

Imgur user Socializta posted a feel-good story about the family dog who’d gone missing during a storm. After seven days, they started to fear the worst.

“This is my family’s dog, Edgar. He’s a good boy.”

“Unfortunately, he ran away from home about a week ago. This week has been very stormy, and this lil guy is afraid of storms. Needless to say, we feared the worst after 7 days.”

“Our other dog, Oscar (right) was a very sad lil pooch. He never leaves Edgar’s side, and was very depressed this last week without his best friend.”

“Today, my dad was walking Oscar through the neighborhood when he heard a noise. It sounded like a dog whining, but so does everything when you’re looking for a lost dog. After further investigation, my dad looked in a drainage tunnel under the ground. That’s when Edgar started barking, whining, and screaming to be saved.”

“Almost free!”

“Like I said, it’s been a rainy week, and this poor lil doggo was stuck in a storm drain filled with water. He is covered in sores and has a few infections, but he’s okay.”

“At the vet. Dehydrated, starving, and shivering.”

“The vet shaved parts of his fur to treat his wounds. He’s one tired doge.”

“He just ate a PBJ.”

“Reunited! I love these guys and I am so happy he’s home. I thought I would never see him again, and all of this just seems too good to be true. I hope this story made you guys feel good.”

Awesome! We’re so glad Edgar was found and reunited with his family with only a few bumps and bruises. Gotta love happy endings! 🙂

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