Family dog, ‘Not today porch pirate, not today’

A family’s normally timid Labrador retriever is credited with chasing off a porch pirate who was racing away from their home in Ogden, Utah. As reported by Live 5 News, the bandit was running back to his vehicle when Zero took matters into his own paws and scared the man into dropping the package…which contained a $4 product from Ikea.

Zero’s owner, Whitney Cahoon, told the news agency, “I just kind of yelled, ‘Get ’em, Zero. Get ’em!” and “He just went for it. It was awesome.”

Chasing after a stranger is out of the ordinary for the 9-year-old dog. According to his owner, Zero is typically afraid of everything, even plastic bags and cats! But porch pirates beware – this docile pooch is not to be messed with when it comes to his family’s belongings.

Cahoon is hoping that the would-be thief gets the word out – stay away from Zero’s house!

Good boy Zero, good boy!

See Zero in action at this link.

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(Screenshot of Zero via Live 5 News)

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