Family Dumps Paralyzed Dog Without Her Wheelchair

Angie is a 2-year-old cocker spaniel who was paralyzed. The way that she came about her injury was a mystery. It seemed that it would remain a mystery as her owners ended up surrendering her to the Miami-Dade Animal Services without further explanation.

To add insult to injury, before they left her at the shelter, they took back her wheelchair!

Shocked, Urgent Dogs of Miami shared Angie’s story to their Facebook page. They hoped that someone would be able to help the paralyzed and abandoned pup. On their post, they wrote, “URGENT! Just when you think you’ve heard everything you could about crappy owners, you hear this. Angie is paralyzed and was just dumped at the shelter by her owners who took her wheelchair back with them!! Per shelter notes: Recommend transfer to a 24 hour care veterinary facility prior to 6:30 PM on 2/22/16 or humane euthanasia may be indicated.”

The animal rescue specializes in caring for those animals with special needs, so when they heard about Angie’s situation, they immediately got involved.

The charity immediately arranged for Angie to be transported to their care where she was taken to see a vet. During the medical visit, it was determined that her paralysis was a result of a fractured T11 (11th thoracic) vertebra.

They couldn’t tell how long she’d been like this, but fortunately, it didn’t leave her feeling any pain. Sadly it also meant that no matter what kind of rehab she received, she’d never recover the use of her back legs. As a result, the pooch was fitted with a custom-built Eddie’s Wheels for Pets – courtesy of someone’s donation.

Lovely Loaves Special Needs Rescue & Sanctuary shared that the poor dog had also been suffering from a severe ear infection, a severe UTI, a skin infection, an irritable bowel, and a swollen/bleeding rectum. She’d also never been spayed. In an effort to give her a brand new start in life, the animal charity decided to rename her Molly. The sweet dog went on to live with a foster family where she was well-cared for and loved while searching for her forever home. Eventually, after a few months, Lovely Loaves Special Needs Rescue & Sanctuary was happy to make the announcement that she’d been adopted.

Her new name is Molly and she’s finally in the loving forever home she deserves.

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