Family Makes Sign To Explain Why Their Dog Is On The Roof And It’s Hilarious

Imagine driving down your neighborhood street, looking over at one of the houses, and there’s a dog sitting on the roof. That’s exactly what happens every day in Austin, Texas. Seeing is believing, but Huck the Roof Dog loves to hang out on the roof of his owners’ home.

Passersby got concerned, so they started knocking on the door. Eventually, the family grew tired of answering the door and letting folks know Huck was okay. They decided to post a sign that says, “Don’t be alarmed” with an explanation of how the dog loves it there and he is never alone.

The dog learned how to jump up onto the roof from the backyard. They never leave him alone, and he won’t jump off unless someone offers him food or a ball.

Huck has amassed quite the Instagram following, and his owners encourage visitors to take photos and share them with the hashtag #hucktheroofdog.

He is only up three feet from the ground and he loves to jump up there every morning. Some people have their morning coffee, but Huck prefers his morning roof time.

Be careful and have fun, buddy!

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