Family Moves Away & Dumps Dog At High-Kill Shelter, Dog Won’t Eat & Keeps Crying

Blue King the Pit Bull (or Blue for short) was assured that he would have a happy life when his got adopted into a nice home. But just after one year, the family dumped him at a high-kill shelter because they had to move away. Blue was gripped with agony when he realized the betrayal, and things only got worse for him.

Blue was so depressed at the shelter that he kept staring blankly at the kennel bars as tears streamed down his face. While other dogs would wag their tails and engage the visitors, Blue wouldn’t even make eye contact with anybody. One of the shelter workers brought him his favorite meal to cheer him up, but Blue refused to touch it.

The shelter eventually acknowledged that Blue was badly hit by the abandonment. They didn’t want such a bright and loving dog to be euthanized because of his heartbreak, so they shared his story on social media and asked for help. Soon, one woman came forward to adopt this sweet boy!

In this video, we see the priceless moment when Blue is told that he needs to go. The innocent pooch is confused at first, but he understands the happy news when he sees a car waiting for him. His freedom run is one of the most tear-jerking things we’ve ever seen! His new mom has promised to love and embrace him as he is, and give him time to overcome his pain. We wish Blue a happy and secure life!

Click the video below to watch Blue’s moving story and his joyful reaction on adoption day!

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