Family Names Bookstore After Their Dog And Makes Her The Manager

When Stacy Gould and her family first started talking about opening a bookstore, they thought long and hard about the logistics of it all. Since the kids and her husband were both gone all day at school and work, Gould knew she’d be the one going to the store each day — and so would the family dog, Ruby.

Not only does Ruby mean the world to her family, but she’s also the friendliest, sweetest dog who loves everyone she meets, so they knew a bookstore where people could come in to say hi every day would greatly appeal to her. In a lot of ways, the store would be hers — and that’s how Ruby’s Books was born.

“Ruby would have to come with me every day to the store, so we thought, ‘Why don’t we name the store after Ruby?’” Gould told The Dodo.

Now, Ruby is the co-owner, manager and official greeter of Ruby’s Books, and she takes her job very seriously. The store has only been open for about a year and a half, and already Ruby and her bookstore have become a crucial part of the community.

“The customers love Ruby and she has become quite the staple here on Sutter Street,” Gould said. “We often joke that the people come for the books but stay for the dog!”

Ruby’s family thinks it’s important that she maintains a good work-life balance, so she doesn’t go to the store every single day. She works Monday through Friday and spends the weekends at home with her family. She adores every moment she spends in the store, though, and has a myriad of responsibilities that she does with pride.

“Her duties include greeting each customer at the door, rolling over for endless belly rubs, sniffing out treats within pockets of our customers, mopping the floor with her very fluffy tail [and] reading (well she pretends [to]) alongside the kiddos in our children’s section,” Gould said.

Ruby absolutely loves having her own bookstore, and her family loves that they now have a way to share Ruby and all of her joy with the community.

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