Family Puts Up a Sign to Let Neighbors Know Why Their Dog Is On the Roof

All of our pets do some pretty quirky things, but this one is definitely unusual: a Texas dog named Huck enjoys jumping up on the roof of his house to just hang out. The roof floof has gotten so much attention that his family put a letter out front to tell neighbors not to be concerned, but to feel free to take pictures and post on social media. #hucktheroofdog

Huckleberry gets so much attention that owners Allie and Justin Lindemuth know that if someone is knocking on their door, it’s probably about him.  Since he was only nine months old, the golden retriever has been jumping up on to the roof and hanging out to survey his kingdom below.

It’s understandable that people would be concerned, but the roof in the backyard is only about three feet off the ground, so it’s really not that far for Huck to jump.

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the front, thus the constant knocking of passersby to let the Lindemuths know about the furry gargoyle that has taken up a residence on their roof.  They hoped to cut down on the number of visitors by putting a note out to explain.

Huck now even has his own Instagram page, which you can be sure will soon be loaded with roof pics.

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