Family Rescues German Shepherd Puppy… Or So They Think

Have you ever seen a coyote pup? They’re cute as the day is long. And their sweet adorableness can lead people to believe one of these wild dogs is a domestic puppy.

In fact, when one Massachusetts family spotted a tiny coyote pup all alone on a roadside, they thought it was a German Shepherd puppy. So, being dog lovers, the family rescued what they thought could be their new furry family member. But looking at the puppy they found a little closer, they realized something was different about this little guy.

A Pup Yes, But Certainly Not Domestic

After finding the coyote pup “wandering and distressed” and mistaking him for a lost puppy, the New England Wildlife Center reported the family contacted them for help. It was then the puppy was identified as an Eastern Coyote.

“With the help of the Mass Department of Public Health we were able to determine there was no potential exposure risk to rabies,” said the New England Wildlife Center via Facebook. “He is now recovering comfortably in one of our isolation wards, but will not be on his own for long! A foster sibling has just arrived from @riwildliferehab and they will soon be introduced.”

The center also explained the pair of pups would be raised in the most natural upbringing possible, promising experts “will work to replicate the essential behaviors and skills they learn from mom and dad.”

All Grown Up

Now, the young coyote pup is grown and ready to take on the world!

“After 6 long months of rehab this pup has made incredible strides. He is wild by all accounts and is exhibiting all of the correct behaviors and skills.”

“Weighing in at just over 40 pounds he has a healthy appetite and has been increasingly active in the large outdoor enclosure.”

Both the male and his foster sister have been returned to the wild as an “inseparable” pair, the center sharing, “Because they had each other as companions they have remained wild and weary of humans.”

“Releasing them as a unit will hopefully increase their survival rate in the wild. While some coyotes may choose to part ways after release something tells us these two may be bonded for life.”

What To Do If You Find a Coyote Pup

Regarding the tale of this young male, the New England Wildlife Center said, “This case had a happy ending, but it could have easily gone differently.”

“Coyotes are considered a Rabies vector species in MA and are susceptible to contracting the virus that is deadly to all mammals including people.”

If you happen upon a coyote pup, the center offers this advice, “It can be hard to tell sometimes, which is why consulting a professional is always a good idea. But in general, the ears, coat, and the snout can help identify them.”

The ears and muzzle on a coyote pup typically have a more pointed look, while the coat and tail are thicker and bushier than a domestic puppy. And when studying a young coyote, you might be put in mind of wolves or foxes. And though you want to help what might seem to be an abandoned pup, the mom could be nearby hunting, ready to return at any moment. When it comes to wild animals, always let professionals do the job.

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