Family returned adopted dog to shelter because he’s just ‘too good’

The reasons that dogs are given up by their families are all over the map – from “too active,” or “not potty-trained,” to plain old bad manners…but seldom do you hear about a dog being surrendered for being too good. Well, a dog named Binx was adopted from an Arizona animal shelter and then returned just 48 hours later because his new family thought that he wasn’t challenging enough.

The bizarre return

On Monday, the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA let its Facebook followers know that good boy Binx was back on the adoption market:

I’m Binx, And I am TOO good of a dog. No Seriously! I was adopted and returned within 48 hours, with notes saying I’m potty trained, good with kids, fun to play with, and good with dogs in the home! They decided they wanted more of a challenge, and I think the only challenging part of me is how devastatingly handsome I am


 I can’t get anything done here at the shelter because everyone is petting me, telling me what a good boy I am, and taking me for walks. So if you’re ready for a handsome, well-mannered pup, here I am!

Interested in sharing your life with a very good boy?

Obviously Binx is a pretty special dog – now he just needs a family who will appreciate him and all of his wonderful goodness. You can help Binx find his new family by sharing this article, with his adoption information.

Shelter adoption profile for Binx here.

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