Family’s Blind Dog Who Went Missing For Over A Week Gets Rescued By Her Guardian Angel

This is Sage, a blind 12-year-old Labrador. Sage had gone missing from her home in Boulder Creek, Colorado last week. Some miscommunication happened in the home. Everyone thought she was back inside – but she had mistakenly been left outdoors and was gone.

The family and some of their neighbors began searching, but they were unable to find her.

They posted signs and hoped someone would find Sage. Eight days passed.

Beth Cole, Sage’s mom, said there are predators that roam the area and there was a good chance Sage had been killed. Especially after eight days. The Cole’s didn’t give up. That is what you do for family – you search and search. You never give up. Dan Estrada, the Cole’s neighbor, found Sage! But, it was really just luck. Estrada, a friend, and Estrada’s two dogs were out on a hike.

Within a few minutes, Estrada saw ‘something’ near a stream at the base of a slope. When they got closer, they saw it was Sage. She had hidden inside a cave – but she wasn’t moving. Estrada feared the worse. When they got closer, however, Sage lifted her head!

Sage was too weak to walk, so Estrada carried her.

The Coles came out and were reunited with Sage! Estrada refused to accept the $1,000 reward.

Instead, he said the money should go to an animal rescue organization!

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