Farm Adopted A Tiny Puppy And Then Introduced Her To The Baby Goats

Lola the Chihuahua puppy has just met two friends she can’t get enough of. The trio lives together on Sunflower Farm. The goat kids, named Princess Leia and Lady Bug, are obviously dog lovers too. When Lola first arrived, she was a bit shy but the goat kids showed her the ropes. Now, she’s ALL about playtime with her new buddies. Sunflower Farms is a dairy farm where ALL the animals live out their lives. They’re well taken care of and loved. Lola is a great addition to the Sunflower Farm family.

As a dog lover, I’m always happy to see other animals appreciate them. Whether it’s to play or to cuddle, dogs are truly the best at it all! Did I mention that goats are pretty dang wonderful too? They’re naturally curious, playful and very friendly.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this. GAH!!!  I’m in love!

Little dog Lola is about to live a very happy life with her new best friends. Most animals are willing, and thrilled, to mix it up. Dogs and cats, dogs and guinea pigs, dogs and turtles, dogs and chickens. But always be sure to test it out slowly. Fear is a huge factor in aggressive behavior. Most animals will lash out when they feel threatened. Introducing them slowly ensures that all the animals are safe and happy!

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