Female dog visits tomb every day to recall the memory of her deceased owner

It is no surprise that the dogs are known for their loyalty and faithfulness and that’s why they have been man’s best friend for centuries. They develop a special connection with their owner and it is so hard for dogs to move on even after their owner passes away. It is such an emotional experience for the dogs because their owner suddenly vanishes away from their life.

One such dog experienced this when her owner passed away and she was left all alone without him. So she took a great way to mourn his owner by visiting his tomb every single day. She just goes there and sits in front of his grave. This happened in Argentina where the workers noticed a dog coming to the tomb every day and sitting in front of the tomb for several hours. We can only hope that somebody will provide a new home to the pooch so that she has someone else to call her friend and try to move on in life.


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