Feral Dog Living In A Cold World Masters What Happiness Looks Like

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue received a call about a feral dog who refused to be captured. People were determined to get close to her. But when they did, she’d check them out and then run away again.

The elusive pup, later named Shania, was pregnant and close to giving birth. It was imperative that she was rescued before a huge snowstorm hit the area. The volunteers were on a very important mission!

Shania gave birth and was finally in one place long enough for the rescuers to step in. She sought shelter from the storm and kept her babies safe. This was the perfect opportunity to save both Shania and her litter. When the rescuers got to Shania, they were amazed by how healthy her babies were. In spite of everything, the feral dog was an excellent mama.

Once Shania and her babies were safe, the volunteers gave her time to settle in. She wasn’t sure what to think of humans so she pretty much kept to herself. But as time went on, she warmed up little by little. As Shania adjusted, she eventually allowed her new friends to touch her. This was a very big deal! Shania’s true colors began to shine once she realized she was truly safe and that humans weren’t so bad.

Next, it was time to teach Shania how to walk on a leash. The dog absolutely despised it. Her pups looked on as Shania freaked out each and every time the leash was around her. But no one was giving up! The volunteers continued to work with her and before long, she turned into a totally different dog. Shania’s story continues and is quite amazing to see. We are so grateful for this challenging yet heartwarming rescue!

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