Few Get To Ride Private Planes… But The Reason These Guys Did Will Make You Cry

How many times have you flown a private jet across the country?

If your response is something along the lines of laughter, jealousy, or even a little bit of anger towards those who enjoy this luxury often, you’re not alone. But private planes aren’t just for the rich and famous.

Not long ago, we introduced you to an incredible organization called Wings of Rescue. The group of pilots donate their time and private planes to fly rescue dogs facing terrible conditions or even death in overcrowded California animal shelters. Recently, we got to see them in action.

As the plane flew into a local airport in New York, it looked like any other small luxury jet. You’d think someone with an entourage was about to step onto the tarmac. Two pilots deplaned and the jet was soon swarming…you’ll never believe why.
It was just a normal day at SheltAir Farmingdale Airport in New York…


Planes were landing and taking off according to schedule, but this plane was special…


The pilots came out…


And the hull was opened…


Revealing precious cargo!


Aboard this private jet were 150 dogs.


All of them were rescued from possible euthanasia.


Big dogs…


And small dogs…


Even families!


Were all being given a chance at a new life!


It was clear, they were all VIPs — er, VIDs, if you will.


But who made it all possible?


North Shore Animal League of America is the world’s largest no-kill animal shelter.


On their Port Washington campus, they take in hundreds of dogs and cats every week.


These particular California beauties will be fed…


Cleaned up and medically examined.


So if you’ve already fallen in love with one of the sweeties…


The sad fact that hundreds more dogs face euthanasia every day only makes places like North Shore all that important. Not only do they rescue and adopt dogs out in the tri-state area, but they also travel around the country, working with shelters in every state. The goal is to find every animal a loving forever home.

If you want to learn more about adopting at North Shore Animal League of America, go here. You can also donate to their very worthy cause here and follow them on Facebook here!

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