Firefighters Attempt Dog Rescue from 300 ft. High Cliff

Last month, firefighters from Pottlier, Argentina, were called to rescue a dog from a cliff more than 300 feet high. After hours of planning and using mountain climbing gear, the hero rescuers were able to lower the scared dog and reunite him with his owner.


According to local news, the dog and his owner had been walking on a trail when the dog went too close to the edge and accidentally slipped down. Luckily, the pet landed on a shallow edge but was unable to climb up or descend further. The worried owner called authorities for help.

A team of rescuers from the Pottlier Fire Department was dispatched to the location. After surveying the area the rescue team set a plan in motion to disembark the cliff, secure the pet, and lower him to safety.


“We were able to descend very carefully and secure the dog using a harness made from rope. We then lower the dog to safety.” Rescuers posted on their Facebook wall.


Firefighters Jorge Mellado and Ramiro Reyes worked together to rescue the pet. Once the dog was back on safe ground he was reunited with his thankful owner.

The dog was scared and had minor bruises. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer major injuries from the fall.

Watch the video rescue below:

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