Firefighters Extricate Dog stuck in Metal Pipe


A Jack Russell Terrier from Boise, Idaho, named Baby Dog is happy to be back with her owners after spending more than 24 hours away from home stuck in a metal pipe.

The energetic dog was out for a walk on December 6, 2014, and she wondered off on her own. Her owners were worried when the little dog didn’t come back. They searched the area but didn’t find her until the following day. It is believed the dog chased after another smaller animal and got her head stuck in the metal pipe.


The dog owners tried greasing the dog’s neck and head to try to wiggle her out of the pipe, but when the dog didn’t budge, they cut the pipe and took the dog to West Vet 24 Hour Animal Emergency Center in Garden City, Idaho.

Veterinarians said that in the past they have helped many other dogs stuck in unusual situations and places, but a metal pipe was a first for them.

Baby Dog was dehydrated and tired and the only way she was getting her head out of the pipe was by getting the metal duct cut off of her head. For this procedure, veterinarians needed the help and expertise of the Boise Fire Department.

Once the pet was free she was hospitalized for 24 hours and treated for dehydration and swelling of the head. Her owners were able to pick her up the following morning and take her home.

Baby dog has made a full recovery. Hopefully she learned her lesson and will never again chase a small animal into a metal pipe.


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