Firefighters In Poland Rescue A Freezing Dog From An Icy River

If your dog ever becomes trapped in icy water, it’s always advised not to follow them in. This video from Poland shows exactly why it’s best to leave rescue efforts to the experts.

The footage, captured in late December, shows a black Labrador in distress as it clings onto an ice sheet. The poor pup accidentally fell into the freezing cold water. Luckily, it was quickly rescued thanks to a group of firemen, who came up with an ingenious way to rescue the dog before it died of hypothermia. One brave firefighter edged down a ladder placed on the ice, and used a hooked stick to snare the collar of the shivering canine.

[youtube id=”zcFkKJIoMWs”]

This reminds me of a famous quote attributed to Gandhi: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” With this in mind, Poland’s firefighters are certainly are great in my book!

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  1. monica

    I am happy firefrighters help save this beautiful dog and back the owner so it get back to a warm place.They are hero and save animals.Thank you I love this video save it make me tears up it so sweet that need help.

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