Firefighters Rescue Golden Retriever From An Icy Death

There are heroes out there that walk among us. We don’t often acknowledge them, but they are out there every day, doing what they do to keep us safe.

Included among those heroes are firefighters.

Sometimes, we may need to call on them to save us or someone we love. That is what happened on the Charles River in Massachusetts.

Emergency workers were called to the scene to save Crosby, a golden retriever that had fallen into the river’s icy waters. Her owner could not help Crosby on her own, so she dialed 911, and help was dispatched immediately.

According to the Wellesley Police, to find Crosby in the water, they enabled the GPS on the owner’s phone, so they could track her location. Within minutes, Dave Papazian, a fireman, jumped into the river and broke through the ice to get the stranded dog.

In a video posted by the police, they said: “Papazian was able to swim out, breaking the ice on his way. He was able to rescue Crosby and guide her to shore.”

It took some time, but eventually, the firefighter got her back on shore again. Once he did so, she was warmed by being wrapped in a coat.

Of course, Crosby’s owner was happy to say hello to her beloved dog again. She spoke to the police, saying that Crosby was now doing fine and resting at home comfortably.

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