Firefighters Rush To Save Dog Stranded On Ice In The Middle Of A River

While out for a walk along the Sheyenne River in Horace, North Dakota, a woman noticed something large and brown sitting on top of a chunk of ice right in the middle of the river. After getting a closer look, she realized that it was a chocolate lab.

As KVRR reported, the poor dog had become trapped on the block of ice out in the freezing waters.

The woman didn’t know what to do to help the dog, but she knew that she couldn’t leave the dog to freeze to death outside in the cold waters. The woman decided that the best course of action was to reach out to the emergency services in order to get some assistance for the dog.

After speaking with 9-1-1, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and West Fargo Fire Department sent first responders in order to get the dog off the ice. They hurried to assess the scene when they arrived, with Cass County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Craig Keller noting that the dog was out about 30 feet from shore.

That is when they knew that they had the only way to reach the dog was to put on some wetsuits and wade out to the stranded pooch. When they got to where the dog was standing, one of the firefighters was able to get onto the ice block and pick up the pup. The dog, who was later revealed to be named Lola, was carried back to safety by the firefighter.

The daring rescue was filmed and then later shared to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office – North Dakota Facebook page.

The footage of the rescue was well-received by the public and their post accumulated hundreds of likes as well as comments. After the ordeal was over, Deputy Keller was able to share the good news with KVRR that Lola was reunited with her owner, Shaina Adelman, and was back to normal.

Deputy Keller further added that the owner expressed their sincerest gratitude for the efforts to save Lola from floating down the Sheyenne River. But it’s a good thing that the woman spotted her in time and called for help when she did. Lucky Lola!

According to a comment Adelman left on the post, she was getting chemotherapy when Lola escaped her husband while chasing after a rabbit. Adelman had no idea Lola was missing until after the rescue was over!

Watch the video clip below:

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