Firefighters Save Dog Believed to Be Dead

On August 2, 2015, Peruvian firefighters responded to an emergency along the Ramiro Prialé highway. A car crash was reported and when rescuers arrived they found a damaged vehicle but no injured humans. Along the highway’s shoulder was a male dog covered with a sheet and believed to be dead, but when firefighters approached the pet they discovered the bleeding dog was still breathing.


Immediately firefighters radio back and asked the operator where they could take the pet. The dispatcher contacted Animal Control and arranged for Pancho Cavero Pet Hospital to receive the injured dog. Firefighters used a cardboard box as a stretcher, transported the pet to the pet clinic and saved his life.

“We save lives,” said firefighter Iván Castillo. “It doesn’t matter if they are human or animal lives, we are here to save them.


Once the dog arrived at the hospital, veterinarians gave the dog fluids and determined he suffered from a broken leg. The medical team wanted to stabilize the pet first before doing extensive tests and determine any other injuries.


Firefighter Ivan J. Huaman P later posted pictures of the rescue on his Facebook wall and thanked all those involved for working together to save the dog’s life.

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