Firefighters Save Puppy From Burning Home. Months Later, They Return For A Touching Reunion

Hex is a four-month-old puppy who was rescued in a house fire by the Asheville Fire Department in North Carolina.

When firefighters discovered that there was a puppy still inside the burning house, they rushed in to to save her.

Hex was unresponsive, but they used oxygen masks to get her breathing again, and sent her to the Asheville Humane Society for treatment. Hex spent several months recovering from severe burns, as well as injuries to multiple parts of her body due to smoke inhalation.

Although she endured quite a lot, she was saved and is on her way to her normal puppy life!

A couple months later, Hex THOUGHT she was going to her birthday party with her friends from the Animal Hospital of North Asheville.

Instead, her fearless firefighter friends came to pay her a birthday visit. As you can tell, she seems pretty excited to see them.

You can truly tell that these firefighters cared about Hex, and this wasn’t just another day on the job for them. With the amount of kisses Hex is giving, she cares about them as well. For a situation that could have gone bad quickly, all parties seem to have gotten out just fine.

“Hex will be going to her forever home as Asheville Humane Society has adopted her out to a wonderful family where she will have an absolutely great life,” Animal Hospital of North Asheville wrote on their Facebook page. “Her physical scars will always be a part of her, but otherwise she is a healthy, happy puppy with many, many people who will always love her.”

Hex is happy to be reunited with the fire crew that saved her from a house fire. After extensive treatment she seems not only healthy but happy!!

Posted by Asheville Fire Department on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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