First He Rescues a Puppy. Then He’s SHOCKED to Pull THIS Out from Behind The Trash.

Sometimes, amidst a struggle, you will find something beautiful. That is exactly what Chris Ouwerkerk, a Rescue Driver of the Michigan Humane Society, has discovered.

He was dispatched to a call where a puppy was supposedly chained up to a couch that has been thrown out to the curb. What made things worse was that it was raining and it was really cold that day. When he got to the area, he noticed that there was a puppy sitting in between a garbage can and a recycling can.

The puppy was friendly; she immediately approached when Chris called out to her. But when Chris picked her up, he heard something coming from behind the garbage and recycling cans. Watch video below to see what he finds and pulls out from behind the garbage cans!

[youtube id=”VGd0Kl_ns4k”]
Despite the fact that they were homeless, these two different species have bonded and have found a beautiful friendship. I just hope these two won’t get separated. Hopefully, they will get adopted together and be friends for life!

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