First These Guide Dogs Fell In Love, Then Their Humans Did Too.

Guide dogs serve an amazing purpose for their humans. In addition to logistically helping them with day-to-day tasks that would otherwise be much more difficult, these pups are also like family to the humans they spend their days looking out for.

ITV Network’s show called Me And My Guide Dog followed 22 puppies who are bred to become service animals, and documented their growth, development and individual journeys. In the clip below, we meet guide dog owners Mark and Claire, who live in England. Mark, who has been blind his entire life, met Claire, who lost her sight in her 20s, at training classes for each of their seeing-eye dogs, Rodd and Venice.

The lively pups sparked their own romance before inspiring the love between their owners to blossom.

“During the training, Rodd and Venice seemed to know something we didn’t. They were always playing together and nuzzling up together.” says Mark.

What happened next is absolutely beautiful. The bond between the dogs lead to a connection between Mark and Claire, and less than a year later, the couple was engaged! What’s even more incredible is the role these matchmaking pups played in the pair’s wedding. Walking the bride and groom down the aisle and acting as ring bearers on the big day, Rodd and Venice have truly been part of this beautiful love story every step of the way.

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