Five-Year-Old Picks Up Abandoned Puppies And Carries Them To Mom’s Car

Rescuers and volunteers work around the clock to aid animals who need help. When Alayna, a volunteer with Three Pitties Rescue, received a tip that there might be some abandoned puppies in need of help beneath an overpass, she decided to check it out for herself. Accompanied by her five-year-old son Cash, they went on a mission to save these helpless animals. Little did they know that this experience would leave a lasting impact on young Cash and inspire him to do more for animals in need.

Upon finding the puppies, it was clear they had been abandoned without food or water. Their tails wagged, and their ears bent back as they happily greeted Alayna and Cash, who were determined to improve their lives. Cash, with a heart full of compassion, insisted on saving the puppies and even picked them up to place in their car. Alayna couldn’t have been prouder of her son’s determination to help the puppies.

Having been involved in animal rescue for about seven years, Alayna has always been passionate about teaching her son the importance of taking care of animals in this world. This experience further motivated her to instill this value in Cash, who had just played a significant role in saving the lives of these puppies.

A volunteer at the rescue agreed to take the puppies home and teach them how to properly ‘dog,’ while preparing them for their forever homes. Alayna wanted to show Cash the positive impact he had on these puppies’ lives and decided to surprise him with a visit to see them again two months later. The excitement on Cash’s face was priceless as he hugged and kissed the puppies, happy to see how they had grown.

This experience planted a seed in Cash, inspiring him to become more involved in animal rescue. Witnessing the joy of saving these puppies, he expressed a desire to rescue more animals in need. Alayna informed Cash that the puppies, Astra and Luna, had been adopted and were going to their new homes soon. This news filled Cash with excitement and pride.

Both Astra and Luna traveled to their forever homes on the rescue’s transport, where they were welcomed with open arms by their new families. Astra became her new mom and dad’s baby, and Luna’s family fell in love with her the moment they met. The rescue organization, along with Alayna and Cash, are incredibly grateful to the families that chose to adopt these puppies.

We couldn’t be prouder or more grateful! Thank you, Cash and Alayna! Scroll down to the video and click ‘play’ to witness Astra and Luna’s remarkable rescue.

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