Florida proposes bill making it illegal to pet dog while driving

A bill, making it illegal to pet your dog while driving, was introduced in the Florida Senate on Thursday.

The proposed legislation is a response to a recent AAA survey, contending that 52 percent of drivers admitted they have been distracted by their pets in their vehicles. The new law, however just doesn’t target pet owners; it’s intention is to include people using their mobile devices while driving as well as a few more common occurrences frequently associated with accidents.

Currently Florida drivers are not allowed to text while driving, and new proposals will also ban reading, writing and applying makeup. And in order to enforce the legislation, the bill would make distracted driving a primary offense, meaning a police officer could pull someone over if they see you petting your dog while behind the wheel.

Most pet owners disagree, contending if they are driving safely, why should anyone have a reason to pull someone over?

More discussion on the proposal is expected to begin in March when lawmakers return from recess.

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