Fluffiest and cutest litter of puppies ready for adoption at Illinois rescue org

Three fluffy and adorable four-month-old puppies are available for adoption from the Metro East Humane Society located in Edwardsville, Illinois. Before applying to adopt one, please know they are high energy, very vocal and will constantly need grooming.

These are working dogs and require lot of exercise (walking, running, hiking, etc.) every single day to be happy and healthy.

Their foster mom Lynn has generously spent her time and energy caring for these little ones, and we will now introduce them:

  1. Tonka (female on left) She is the fluffiest and biggest boned of the bunch. She loves the water – both playing and lying in it. She is very affectionate and loves giving kisses.
  2. Sakari (middle female) This girl is full of sweetness. She plays as hard as her littermates, but she is always the first to settle down and take a rest from all the wrestling. She is a bit shy, but is very sweet and affectionate.
  3. Loke (male on right) He is all boy and the type described as “rough and tumble.” He loves to be held, loved and cuddled and gives awesome kisses. He’s lucky he’s so cute!

It is expected there will be a lot of applications, but before you apply, please do your research. These dogs require lots of exercise to be happy and healthy. Busy minds and paws help young pups to grow up as responsible canine citizens.


– Home with a secure fenced in yard, no apartments

– Not for inexperienced or first time dog owner

– Having another doggy playmate already is a plus, helps burn off energy

– Crate training

– Perfect scenario would be if owner was home at least part of the day. These dogs are very social and thrive on being with their humans.


Huskies can be escape artists, and can be very vocal at times. And then there is the shedding.

If you’re interested in adopting, you will want to be at our Edwardsville location at 11:30 when we open. Applications can be submitted through our website: https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/adopt/MEHS/Dog. Questions can be directed to info@mehs.org.

Please be patient and respectful.

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