Forever homes sought for two retired police dogs

Two retired police dogs will soon be in need of loving forever homes. On Tuesday, the Massachusetts State Police reached out to the public about Alex, a German shepherd, and Klauss, a Belgian Malinois Mix.

Considerations for the dogs’ new homes

According to the police, potential adopters will be “rigorously vetted” to ensure that they are fully prepared to properly care for their new canine companions. A Facebook post by the police states:

The State Police have certain criteria we will seek in prospective owners. We will conduct interviews with and run background checks on those interested, and we will only turn the dogs over to those whom we determine are the “right” person or family for each dog’s forever home.

Information about Klauss

Klauss is five-and-a-half-years-old and he is dual-trailed for patrol and human remains detection. Klauss is in need of a new home because his handler has been promoted in rank and is leaving the K-9 unit. Klauss is too old to be “re-issued” to another Trooper and his former handler already has a retired police dog at his home, with no room for a second dog.

Information about Alex

Alex, who is originally from Slovakia, is eight-years-old. He is trained in patrol and narcotics detection. Alex is in need of a new home because he has reached retirement age – his handler is unable to keep him because he already has a police dog at his home and he is getting a new department dog.

Interested in a retired police dog?

People who are interested in adopting a retired police dog can reach out to K-9 Unit Commander, Lt. Patrick Silva, at to be placed on the availability list and be considered for the vetting process.

(Image via Massachusetts Police Department FB page)

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