Forget Alarm Clocks. I Want To Be Woken Up Every Day Like THIS!

There’s nothing more effective than a furry paw, a nudge from a cold, wet nose, and sweet doggy kisses to wake you up in the morning. Dogs are the best alarm clocks ever! Not only are they very effective in waking us up, we get to wake up with a smile too! So here we have a video that will make you smile, as well. A dog waking up her dad in the most adorable way!

Lexi is a sweet Samoyed who loves to go for walks, and she doesn’t like it when her dad sleeps in. So she wakes up her dad in a gentle and cute way! She looks at him sweetly, and starts pawing at him, but she’s gentle about it. When that doesn’t work, she starts licking his nose gently. But when that also doesn’t work, she puts her paw on his face! After a few moments, dad is finally awake! And it’s time for walkies—that is, if he gets out of the bed!

While some dogs would jump at you to wake you up, Lexi is so gentle in waking her dad up! What a sweet dog you are, Lexi!

How about you? How does your dog wake you up in the morning? Share your story in the comment section below!

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