Forgotten: When new puppy arrived, Bella was tossed in the shelter

Bella is one of the forgotten; she is just a big silly pup who wants nothing more than to be cherished by someone. More than a year ago, she was picked up by Animal Control in New York, and her family was called. Upon their arrival, Bella’s tail wagged enthusiastically; she couldn’t wait to go home, but her happiness was short-lived; her owner signed her over to the animal shelter. It seems her family welcomed a new puppy into their home, and Bella wasn’t a fan of other pets, so she was immediately separated and then tossed away into a shelter.

At two-years-old, Bella has been homeless for more than a year. Perhaps telling her story here and sharing her tragic and lonely plight with everyone will help her find her dream home; all she wants is to be someone’s loyal and loving best friend. Although you might not be able to adopt Bella, why not pass her story over to friends, family or social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Do it for Bella.

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