Former Bait Dog Can’t Give Kisses, But Still Loves in the Best Way He Knows How


When a badly wounded pit bull came into the care of Animal Charity of Ohio, they weren’t surprised that all he wanted was to love his rescuers.  But they thought it was odd that he wouldn’t give them kisses… then it occurred to them – his tongue had been cut out.  Bubbles has no doubt suffered horribly, but that life is over.  Now he will only know more love than he ever dreamed possible.

This comes from Animal Charity’s Facebook page:

A miracle took place today…. this angel escaped monsters!

Today the Youngstown Police Department called us to pick up a dog that had wandered onto a porch on the south side.

Once we got him back to Animal Charity we realized that he had escaped the most horrible nightmare of a life. He had escaped torture and abuse at its absolute worst.

At first glance at the scars on his face you would assume he is a fighter, but with us – all he wants is attention. He keeps going to each of us to be petted and loved. That is when we noticed something wasn’t right. He isn’t giving us kisses. His face touches ours, but that’s it. One of us wondered out loud, “Does he even have a tongue?” We were horrified when we looked inside his mouth and found that his tongue is missing. His teeth are ground down. He is likely a bait dog.

This precious boy holds no grudges and seems to know that he is safe. We are hand feeding him and are amazed at how he has learned to drink with no tongue.

What he has been through in his life is horrific. We need your help! If anyone has any information as to who owns him please contact us at

We are also asking for donations of canned dog food. The chunky kind in gravy seems to be the easiest for him to eat. Pedigree would be fine.

We are also looking for a very special home for him. He will have to be an only dog and he will have some special needs for the rest of his life. The most important being that he is safe and loved. Please contact us if you are interested in giving him the life he has always deserved.

If anyone is willing to donate towards his vet care please follow this link:

His name is Bubbles. Today is the first day of the BEST of his life. 


This is the shelter’s most recent update:

  1. Bubbles is heavy heartworm positive. His heart is enlarged and his lungs are congested. He will be started on meds to help the symptoms. He is still a candidate for treatment but it will be riskier and will likely take longer.
  2. He has ear parasites, intestinal parasites, and ticks. A blood panel was completed and a tick panel will be sent out to test for tick borne diseases.
  3. He has an appointment next Tuesday with Metro Vet Hospital in Copley. He will be able to move to a foster home after that.
  4. He will need a foster home that is QUIET. Very low-key and low stress while he is receiving treatment. You MUST be able to commit to at least five months, possibly longer for the treatment. You MUST live within one hour of the clinic and be able to transport him for treatment.
  5. Bubbles will be the guest of honor at the Lock in on Friday July 29th. He will be visiting from 6-9 pm. Our Canfield location is 525 W Main Street in Canfield. We will have t-shirts available for sale, information on our clinic and services, and a microchipping clinic from 6-8pm. This fundraiser is to support the kennel we house dogs like Bubbles at. Please stop out and visit Bubbles and learn more about Animal Charity and our mission.

Again we cannot thank you enough for your support of Bubbles and our mission to rescue animals from abusive situations. Animal Charity is the only humane society serving Mahoning County. We take approximately 1500 humane calls per year and are funded by donations and fundraising. We receive no federal, state or local funding.

This shelter is in dire need of donations, so again, if you are able to contribute in any way, please click here.

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