Former Bait Dog Now Feels What It’s Like To Be Loved! When You See Him Start Trusting… OMG.

When Tommy was finally rescued from his harrowing existence, the good people at Second Chance Rescue in NYC decided to head to social media to get the word out about this special pup. He was just two years old at the time he was found and he had already been through so much.

At the time when he was found, he was very emaciated and he was not receiving the proper care. Tommy was covered in a multitude of scars and had also developed an abscess on his neck.

Tommy’s horrible past had kept him from seeing the softer side of life. He had no idea that there were humans out there who love and care for dogs like him. Tommy’s caretakers decided that it would be a shame for him to die in the midst of such treatment and thought it would be best to give him a second chance.


While they did not know his exact past, they surmised that he had been in fights in the past. He was located as a stray and according to the vet who looked him over, Tommy was probably the bait dog for a ring of fighters. Can you believe that people are still treating dogs in such an inhumane way in this day and age, given all of the knowledge that we now have on the topic?

Tommy was in such bad shape, he needed to be rehabilitated before he could be brought in to Second Chance Rescue in NYC. He lived in a foster home while his wounds were healing and thanks to the hard work of his rescuers, he was saved in the nick of time. Dallas DogRRR also played a major role in Tommy’s life being saved and deserve their fair share of kudos.

He is now living in a foster home, as he continues to heal from both a mental and physical standpoint. Take a moment to watch these incredible videos of Tommy as he slowly learns to regain his trust in humans and heads out for a walk. The clip of him lying on the couch is so priceless and we encourage you to share this story with your friends and loved ones.

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