Former Escape Artist Dog Dumped At Shelter Has A New Job Thanks To Kind Soul

From shelter dog to hero dog, Samson the Anatolian Shepherd has a bright future ahead. Animal advocate Aranda Guerra of Selma, California, took one look at the dog, then named Max, and knew she had to help him out.

Once upon a time, Guerra owned an Anatolian Shepherd and knew the potential in the breed. One look at the latest intake to Second Chance Animal Shelter and Guerra stepped up.

“He looked really sad. Super sad,” stated Guerra.

The blue-eyed adorable pooch was relinquished to the shelter because he kept getting out of the house and his owner gave up on him. Thanks to Aranda Guerra and others, including dog trainer John Anthony, Samson would get a second chance at life.

“After a long drive up to Selma, CA, Samson is resting, hydrating, and enjoying his first marrow bone at the Redemption Road K9  Ranch while awaiting his physical exam,” a Facebook status update explained.

Anthony plans to train Samson to be a little girl’s medical service dog. The child has a gastrointestinal disease and polycystic kidney disease and she needs a medical service dog.

“Watching Taylor and Samson bond on the ranch, I got emotional afterward because that’s the whole reason we started Redemption Road K9,” Anthony stated.

We love a happy ending and wish you all the best, Samson!

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