Former Fighting Dog Never Had A Toy, Now He Frolics To Show Them Off

Discovered in Miami’s C9 Basin, a notorious dumping ground for dogs, Elijah, a sweet dog showing signs of being used for fighting, was found in a pitiful state. With an ear missing, scars covering his body, and an evident fear of other dogs, it was surmised that he had been discarded due to his diminishing performance in the fighting ring.

Enter TK, Elijah’s future mom, who didn’t know the specifics of his past but felt a deep connection to him. She brought him home, a totally new experience for Elijah, who was initially uneasy and apprehensive about his new surroundings. He was not immediately drawn to his new mom, and the unfamiliarity of a home environment seemed to confuse him.

However, with time, patience, and an abundance of love, Elijah gradually learned to trust his human companion. Three years on, he is inseparable from TK, wanting to be with her every single moment of each day.

“I had a beautiful life, but it’s exponentially better now that he’s in it. I had no idea that something could make your life that much better,” TK admits.

An exciting development in Elijah’s new life is his introduction to toys! TK believes that he never had the opportunity to play with toys in his previous life. Now, he energetically pounces on them, making sure they are his to keep. With his newfound toy in mouth, he prances around proudly, much to the delight of his doting mom. This sight is incredibly heartwarming, considering the harsh realities of his past.

“I’m just so grateful that I get to be the person that shows him this love, and shows him what this life is really meant to be,” TK confesses.

Elijah now enjoys a life filled with love, playtime, and countless toys, thanks to his compassionate mom. His inspiring journey from a fighting ring to a loving home is chronicled in a touching video and can be followed on his dedicated Instagram account.

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