Former Millionaire Spent His Entire Fortune Rescuing Dogs For One Heartbreaking Reason

In Changchun, China, one former millionaire spent his entire fortune away to assist and do his part for a noble cause: to save the local dogs from the slaughterhouse and keep them away from a hard life on the streets.

He started his very own animal shelter, and houses as many as over 150 dogs!

The man was Wang Yan, China’s 29-year-old millionaire.

The former millionaire loves dogs, and it all started with his very own pup, whom he lost back in 2012.

Although Wang Yan was worth several million yuan, money could never make up for the loss of his dog.

Tragically, he found his dog’s remains at a slaughterhouse – prior to his dog’s death, his dog had been dog-napped.

From that moment on, Wang Yan wanted no more dogs to suffer the same way his dog did – and purchased an abandoned steel factory to be converted into a canine shelter.

Wang Yan accepts only donations in the form of dog supplies, and not money.

The man still remains determined to feed and house all the dogs he possibly could afford to.

Although the dog shelter has drained almost all of his fortune and continues to give him great financial burdens, Wang Yan never gave up.

Because he is truly one who loves canines more than himself, and even life.

Since building the shelter, many dogs have been successfully re-homed and got their own forever loving homes, too!

Nevertheless, there are still many dogs out there everyday who need help in China, and Wang Yan is determined to help them all.

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