Former Police Dog Was Surrendered To Kill Shelter, But Then The Perfect Family Came Along

This old girl named Queenie used to be a police dog. After a lifetime of service, she developed a condition that affected her walking, and she was surrendered to a kill shelter. Things were looking grim for Queenie, and it became obvious she wasn’t going to survive. But then the perfect family came into her life.

The family read the dog’s story and fell in love with her smile. They knew they had to save her, so they made the drive from Colorado to Los Angeles. As soon as Queenie saw her rescuers, she knew they were her new family. She ran right toward them!

Queenie is such a happy dog who smiles every day. She now has a brother and sister to play with, and she’s on her way to recovery. But she still has bad days with the good ones. Her treatments are expensive, but her new family is willing to do whatever it takes to get her the help she needs.

Queenie deserves to have the best life. She made a career out of serving her community and helping others, and it’s only right that the favor is returned.

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  1. SilverSurfer666

    Great story-There is someone here in NY that has a gift for the dog’s condition and he actually became a specialist on it to the point that he changed his life career as a photog and a movie extra: he has two dogs and one became disabled to walk because of its hip. He worked with her throu pt and a vet dog hired him to work on dogs that have walking and hip problems. He loves what he does for dogs.

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