Former Service Dog Ecstatic To Step Into New Home And New Life

Deana trains puppies at a young age to grow up and be service dogs. And one that made a lasting impression was Smudge. The six-week-old yellow Lab came into her life as the sweetest and most precious dog she’d ever been around. But the dog grew up, and it was time for her to move out and go on to further her training at guide dog school.

But it was at guide dog school that they discovered Smudge had a minor medical condition and she could no longer be a service dog. She would still make a perfectly healthy family dog, so Deana didn’t hesitate to bring the sweet girl back into her home.

And let’s just say that Smudge was ecstatic to step into her new home and new life with her former trainer. While a lot of things were new, there were definitely a lot of familiarities; so many old friends and family members! It’s not exactly the life she was meant to grow into, but things have a way of working out for the best sometimes. 🙂

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