Former Vice President Biden adopts shelter pooch

Former Vice President Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden adopted a dog on Saturday from the Delaware Humane Association. On the organization’s Facebook page, the happy occasion was announced:

“Today is Major’s lucky day! Not only did Major find his forever home, but he got adopted by Vice President Joe Biden & Dr. Jill Biden! The Bidens have gotten to know Major while fostering him and are now ready to make the adoption official. Best of luck and thank you for being one of our Friends for life.”

Major is what animal advocates call a “foster failure.” Now don’t turn that smile into a frown. The foster failure rhetoric applies to the foster family who hopelessly fall in love with their “temporary guest” and wind up adopting him/her. And as to where Major came from, the Delaware Humane Association stated, the puppy had been surrendered with a litter of German shepherds that were not doing well.

“Once we posted about them for your help, Joe Biden caught wind of them and reached out immediately. The rest is history!”

And as the former VP walked Major out of the rescue organization for the last time, Major looked quite happy.

“I’m officially adopted you guys! Off to Secret Service school!”

Best of luck Biden family. Thank you for adopting a dog in need.

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