Foster Mom (And Apparent Dog Whisperer) Always Takes The Best Family Portraits

It’s hard to get a dog to sit still for a photo. Any dog owner knows this. But there’s a foster mom out there who has no problem getting 11 dogs to look at the camera and pose for a wonderful family portrait! 🙂

(From top left: Mia, Pancake, and Paxton. From bottom left: Benji, Gizmo, Alex, Penny, Donny, Lula, Monroe, and Rudy. All are fosters except Gizmo, Donny, Monroe, and Rudy whom she owns.)

Melissa Lentz fosters dogs through Releash Atlanta, and her skills and photos show that this was more than a one-time fluke scenario.

She has lots of these photos, and the dogs are perfectly well-behaved and posing in them all!

She doesn’t even have to use food or treats or anything. Melissa shares a special bond with all of her dogs and fosters, and you can almost see in their eyes the trust and love they have for her.

“I literally just put them on the couch one by one and they situate themselves!” Melissa told The Dodo. “I just tell them to look at me.”

The pictures are extremely cute, but they also capture the dogs at an important time of their lives when they’re learning the ins and outs of being a pet in a home. This dog whisperer hopes all of her training and care pays off by helping the fosters eventually find their forever homes.

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