Foster Mom Takes In Puppy With No Front Legs. 3 Weeks Later, She Finds Milk Bubbles In His Nose

The puppy was unable to reach his mother and would have died without help. While she didn’t outright reject him, he was simply too weak to get past the other puppies to eat. In fact, when he was just 4 hours old, a vet suggested the puppy be euthanized.

Fortunately, that’s when Mark and Robinson Bowlin came into the picture.

According to Daily Mail, Robinson is a longtime animal rescuer. When she found the puppy, he was too weak to eat or stand up. Under their love and care in their Texas home, little Nubby finally got the chance at life he deserved.

It was uphill from there, though. After three weeks of flourishing in his new home, the puppy began to show signs of serious health problems: He was constipated, had no appetite, and, alarmingly, was blowing milk bubbles out of his nose.

They brought the puppy in for X-rays, where they discovered he had an esophageal abnormality: a pocket had formed in his esophagus that was trapping his milk. After receiving treatment, the 5-week-old puppy began to show signs of recovering.

If there’s one thing we can clearly say, this tiny, three-pound pup has a whole lot of fight in him!

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