He Was Found Beaten, Starved, Neglected & Tied To A Tree. But Watch What She Did To Him…

Sometimes, all it takes is just one look. You see something (or someone), and you know that you have to have it (or them)! That is what happened to Heather Vargas when she saw a picture of a little Schnauzer named Kingsley; she fell in love!


When Heather heard his sad story, she knew she had to have him for her very own. Heather recalled that Kingsley had been found tied to a tree on some land. His hair was matted and because it wasn’t being taken care of it was causing him pain.

Kingsley had been starved, beaten, and neglected (and tied to a tree). Kingsley was taken to a veterinarian where they shaved him and found many wounds on his body, some were fresh and still bleeding while others were only visible as scars.


This is the picture that Heather first saw fo Kingsley. In it, you can see he is still skinny and skittish. Heather says Kingsley is afraid of most people, especially men.


Heather remembers that Kingsley had a hard time leaving his foster mom.


The woman had been taking care of him for about a month, and the two had bonded. Kingsley wasn’t too happy to be leaving her.


The first month Heather had Kingsley was busy. He had to be potty trained, he was possessive and barked a lot!


Kingsley also had no idea how to play with toys!


After a short time, Kingsley caught on – no more accidents in the house and he loves to play fetch, go on car rides, and cuddling!


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