She Found This Cute Puppy In The Trash… And Did Something Incredible To Save Him.

We are all great in our own special ways. Even if you have traits that may seem defective to the outside world, you have plenty to offer. The dog in this clip was considered defective, since he was born paralyzed. This poor puppy came into the world with the odds already stacked against him. But with a little bit of help from a friend, he was able to triumph over adversity.

Most would have predicted that this dog would never be able to get around on its own. While raising an animal who is disabled can be a burden, there are far better ways to go about this than the one that was chosen by the puppy’s former owner. There are animal shelters and hospitals everywhere, most of which would’ve been happy to help. Placing an animal in the trash to die is not the answer.

The puppy was heard whining and howling, desperate to escape its man-made prison, but with no means of doing so. While attempting to sell off the paralyzed puppy’s brothers and sisters, people began to gather around, looking for one of their own to take home. When one woman came to look at the puppies, she thought she heard a sound. Thankfully, she did not take no for an answer and pressed the original owner for additional information…

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