Found At Night, This Dog Was Tied To A Tree So He Couldn’t Follow His Owner

Some people are truly heartless. They will use something until they don’t need it anymore and then just throw it away. It is especially cruel and unusual if the item that they decide to throw out is a living creature. Tool, a dog, was found in Greece in January 2015 tied to a tree in a remote mountain area. His owner had tied him to the tree so that he couldn’t follow them back home.

He was left to die or to fend for himself – but how can a dog be expected to live or survive tied to a tree? When his rescuers found him, he was very thin and had no shelter from the elements. In the video below, you will hear and see the story of Tool. He has made a full recovery – wait until you see him at the end!

Take a look!

He went from an abandoned hunting dog to a valued and loving companion. Share away, people!

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