They Found A Stray Mama, But No Puppies. So, They Used An iPhone To Do THIS. Incredible!

When a momma’s baby cries, she will do just about anything to find them and help them! She’s the mom, and that is what moms do! Eldad Hager of Hope For Paws was contacted by START Rescue. Hager learned that a stray dog named Rosie was living on the streets. A woman had been feeding the dog every few weeks, but that was the only attention this dog seemed to be getting.

So, if Hope For Paws could rescue Rosie, START would take her in. Hager was able to get her in a crate –but she was terrified. Nothing Hager could do would calm Rosie down – that was when Hager noticed that she looked like she had just given birth! There was no way Rosie would lead him to her puppies; despite being on a leash. Watch the video and see how Hager used his iPhone to get Rosie to show him where her babies were!

Take a look at this video!

All the dogs have forever homes now! Yep, that’s a happy story for you! Share if this touched your heart, people 🙂

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