Four Sleepy Lab Puppies Snuggle Up For Nap Time Together

Sometimes, I really wish I were a dog. Sure, being human has its perks with the whole power of speech, opposable thumbs, and ability to pick out my own food at the grocery store instead of dry kibble, but just think about how great our pups have it. They wake up, eat, play, sleep, eat, play, sleep again. What’s not to love about that? Especially if you’re like me and really, really hate waking up in the morning.

If I were a happy-go-lucky canine, I could simply fall right back to sleep whenever I felt like it! Just like this super-fluffy, sweet pup who just didn’t have the energy to move from the comfort of his human’s chest all the way over to his bed. Or this adorable boxer who turns into a little baby when it’s time for bed!

These teeny yellow lab puppies know exactly what I’m talking about as they snuggle up together for their own precious snoozefest. Lined up in a perfect row, the squishy lil guys are so tuckered out, their faces smushed together as they dream their tiny puppy dreams. One on the far right does lift his head up for a few seconds about halfway through, but lazily returns back to sleep mode.

I can’t decide if it makes me want to take a nap, too, or if I’m just content to know these cuties are enjoying it enough for the rest of us!

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