Four-Year-Old Pens Heartbreaking Letter to Thieves Who Stole His Dog


Ethan Ferrier was only two years old when thieves stole his family’s dog from their UK farm in 2013, but the little boy has been pining away for his beloved Fern ever since, and has recently written a public letter asking for her return.

Fern was a year old when she was taken from the Ferriers’ Malden Rushett, Surrey farm in April 2013.  Heartbroken Ethan has asked parents Jodie and Tom about her every single day since.


Now in preschool, Ethan is learning how to write, and has composed a letter in hopes that the thieves will see it and be moved enough to return his dog.

“To the bad men who took Fern. Can Fern come home now please. I miss her,” Ethan scrawled.


Also included was a drawing of his family with Fern.

His mom, who believes their Cocker-Spring Spaniel was stolen for breeding, posted the note on Facebook and Twitter.


“Ethan was very, very upset when Fern was taken from our farm — he would ask over and over again why anyone would want to take her from us,” Jodie explained to the Mirror.

“He has never forgotten about Fern and always asks us where we think she is and if she is happy.

“He asks me every morning if Fern is coming back home and I have to tell him I don’t know – it’s heartbreaking.”


“When Ethan started to learn to write he decided he wanted to write a letter to the people who took Fern and this is what he came up with.

“We still hope with all our hearts that Fern will be found one day – if only the people who took her knew the devastation they had caused maybe they would bring her back.

“Fern looks almost identical to Lupo (Wills’ and Kate’s dog) and we’ve spoken the endless dog charities and police who tell us the same story – that demand for Cocker Spaniels is outstripping supply because of the popularity of Lupo.


“Breeders are getting up to £1,000 ($1,500) for Cocker Spaniel puppies at the moment because of the William and Kate’s dog,” Tom said.

“We want to make people aware of this problem, because it is getting worse.”

Last Friday, the Ferriers’ 17-year-old mutt Megan died, leading Ethan to ask, “If Megan is now an angel, can she look for Fern?”


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