Four Years in a Cage Is Too Many – Let’s Find Ariel a Home


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This plea comes from Twenty Paws Rescue:

Living in a boarding facility for 4 YEARS. Ariel loves everyone. How no one has fostered or adopted her is beyond us. Great in the home. Great with kids and all humans. Please share!


Meet Ariel. This precious 6 year old 60ish lb brindle shepherd pit mix has a world of love to give! Ariel absolutely LOVES humans and children. With a heart of gold, Ariel will even let you play with her and her food dish while she is eating and loves to dress up in any costume or outfit! What a gem! Who could ever resist those soulful eyes, perky smile, and expressive ears? She looks forward to the day she can play, snuggle, and spoil her human! At this time, Ariel lives in a boarding facility. This is no life for any dog. Unfortunately, and by no fault of her own, the right family has yet to come along for her.

Before she was dumped in a high kill shelter, the only life she knew was as a breeding machine and mommy. Once her ‘family’ no longer had any use for her, they dumped her in a rural TN shelter. Not only was she abandoned and on death row, but she was stuck in a location where it is ILLEGAL to adopt out a dog with any pit in them. Inevitably, Ariel was scheduled for death. Needless to say, Ariel did not die that day. She began a new life as a Twenty Paws dog. At a convenient 60 lbs, this doll yearns to finally know what it’s like to be someone’s baby. She cared for so many in the past, and they were all stolen from her. No one cared for her at all.

She lavished at her newly found freedom and second chance. Eternally grateful to the vet staff for their determination to improve her health, Ariel showers them with kisses and wiggles. Truly, now it is her turn to experience love and affection.

Every night, Ariel dreams that someone will be her hero. Every night, she dreams that she can become part of a family. Could it be your family? Ariel deserves more than a life behind bars and a cold metal bed. Please consider fostering or adopting this survivor.

If interested in fostering or adopting, please email us at or **Due to a gmail glitch, we lose some emails. So if you do not hear back from us please follow up! We respond to all emails!**

Twenty Paws Rescue is located in Brooklyn and Pennsylvania. The Facebook thread for her can be found by clicking here.

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